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Infinity Edge Control Serum

Tired of fighting with your edges? Take total control with the popular edge control gel that applies easy, lasts long and works with nearly all hair types including natural and relaxed hair.

Key ingredients include Glycerin, licorice root extract, vitamins E,A, and C and B5 vitamins.

edge control edges

We know that finding a good edge control is no easy task, especially with all of the different options out there. Imagine getting your hair done, or pulled back, and within hours, your baby hairs start to ruffle and frizz up. What would you do? Well, some would rush and grab some creme of nature, others would think of argan oil, or even eden bodyworks.. While those may be an option for some, the savvy girls know that a goud alcohol free edge control serum would do the trick.

You definitely want a product that can work better than other edge tamers, but not feel heavy and sticky like a hair styling gel. You want something that keeps your hair looking natural, relaxed, and something that won't cause drying, breakage or damage.Check out our most popular formula of edge control. It's effective, long-lasting, and natural's also non-greasy and once you use it, we're sure it'll become one of your daily desidgn essentials.

If you don't know which edge control would work for you, we can tell you that we've compared many different products, including coconut shea edge glaze, hicks edges, and many other edge control products, and our edge taners get the best ratings, last the longest, and provide the most protection for your hair type. Our non greasy formula gives you the look you want at an affordable price.

Edge control serum helps you to creatively style your very sensitive hairs around your hairline. Whil giving you the advantage and the control to brilliantly design your baby hairs to create a beautiful masterpiece. Some use a rat tail comb, some use a toothbrush, and many professionaly have other tools that they have turned into a taool for laying and slaying edges. No matter what tool you use, this is the product you need to slick down your edges and take control.

What are customers saying about Edge Control Serum?

  • Awesome product, you only need a little bit! - Tommie W
  • It's light weight and doesn't pull my edges - C.C.
  • I love this product, especially when I wear braids - Samantha M
  • I love this stuff! My edges even started growing back in less than a month - Cindy

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